Mystery Metal Dice Set | Random & Blind | Complete Matching Set | Hundreds of Options
Mystery Metal Dice Set | Random & Blind | Complete Matching Set | Hundreds of OptionsMystery Metal Dice Set | Random & Blind | Complete Matching Set | Hundreds of Options
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Product Details

WHAT YOU GET: A blind pull of a complete & matching set of metal dice set from our catalog.

VALUE OF THE SET: About $20 on average. Don't worry, you don't get a <$17 set - but you also won't get a $25+ set. The sets we will be including will be roughly $18-24 in our retail value. 

Q: Are these B-grade dice?
No. These are pulled from our regular catalog.

Q: How do you pull them?
We put aside a roughly EVEN amount of various dice sets in our catalog (approx 200 metal sets) and mixed them together -- your set(s) will be pulled from this mix. We plan to also add dice as new dice come in to replace what is sold.

Q: Can I request a rough style/color/preference?
You can! We will *try* our best to fulfill *rough* preferences. Here are some examples: "Silver-colored metal preferred", "please make them high contrast (east to read)" or "no orange dice please". Please list these preferences in the order special instructions/notes and specify its for this mystery set.

More specific or complex requests are not possible. 

Q: Will I get duplicates if I order a lot of sets?

Most likely not, given how many options we have for this. However, the nature of random means it COULD be possible. If you're ordering a large amount of them over time it's more possible (though we do try to make sure an individual order with multiples has a good spread).

Q: How does your mystery set differ from others?

Well, cant speak EXACTLY to how others do it, but given our large catalog, we would imagine we have more potential options, we have also intentionally excluded a lot of our more basic options and specifically included many sets that are normally more expensive than the price of the mystery set.

Q: Are all your suppliers/manufacturers included?

Most are (as listed under production partners). Notably, Chessex/Q-Workshop are not included in this mix as they dont really make metal dice in this price range.


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