How We Started & What We Do

We started our company by 3D printing the D&D condition rings seen on popular shows like Critical Role and High Rollers. As of Feb 2021, we have produced more than 400,000 Condition Rings for tables all around the world. While Condition Rings is how we got our start, the dice portion of our business has grown to become our main seller. We now sell hundreds of dice sets including: acrylic, resin, metal, gemstone, glass and wood dice and dice accessories with manufacturing partners all around the world. 

Our Ethos

We formed in response to what we saw as dishonest practices and inflated prices at other shops. We're driven to do better, and have baked honesty and transparency as core to our business's philosophy. What this means: We won't claim to make things we don't and we won't add "artisan" or other fluff words where they don't belong.

Our CEO, Our Founding, and Tux

Mike Saltzman

Our journey began when Mike, the proud owner of several friendly local video game stores in Syracuse, New York, and a hobbyist 3D printer, spotted Luke Crevier's condition rings on Critical Role. Mike approached Luke about a licensing agreement, and Luke agreed. In early 2019, Viridian was born in Central New York. Just a couple of weeks later, our first 3D-printed condition ring sets hit Etsy, and they were flying off the virtual shelves in no time!

Mike's a fan of board & video games, painting, building computers, cats, pugs, and tacos.

Dice Guardian Tux

Our mascot and resident dice guardian, Tux. He is known for judgy glances, high quality standards and insatiable appetite for snacks. Tux ensures your dice are protected up to the point where they leave our shop-- the rest is up to the fine folks at the Postal Service. Main Stats: Strength and Charisma. Dump Stats: Dexterity and Wisdom. 

Tux is also a part-time musician, actor, pirate and hacker. 

"You miss 100% of the snacks you don't swipe" - Tux, probably.

A Reputation We're Proud Of

With over 110,000 sales (April 2023) on all platforms, and tens of thousands of 5 Star reviews, we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built. Here's what some of our customers have said about us:

Shop Policies

Shipping Basics

When Do We Ship: Orders usually ship from Syracuse, NY within 1-2 business days. Holidays & weather might cause delays.
Domestic Shipping Methods:
USPS Ground Advantage (2-5 days)
USPS Priority Mail (1-3 Days)
International Shipping Methods: 
GlobalPost Economy, USPS FCM International
US Free Shipping: Free shipping for US orders ($45+) using the methods above.
Undeliverable Packages: We'll communicate with you and typically we reship at our expense for US orders.

Packaging & Gift Orders 

Shipment Packaging: Most orders ship in waterproof bubble mailers. We usually don't include packing slips or receipts.
Dice Set Packaging: Dice mostly come in ziplock bags. Some brands/dice have plastic cubes, metal tins, or felt/foam boxes as free add-ons. We mention any packaging beyond ziplock bags in the description.

Gift Notes: We will add simple gift notes to packages if you request it in your order notes/special instructions.


We offer a 30-Day for any reason exchange/return policy. Not happy? Send it back to us , get something else, or get your money back.*

Returns: Start the return process by emailing Make sure to ship items back in the same condition and similar packaging. Please include "Return Request" and your VGS Order number in your subject line. If there's an error caused by us or our partners, we'll cover return shipping. *We've been seeing more customer mail ending up in spam. If you do not hear back within 48 hours, please shoot us a message on Fb/Insta or Twitter.

*We reserve the right to refuse returns in instances we deem to be unreasonable. (to date , this has never happened 💖😅).

Privacy Policy

What we collect: Names, Addresses, Emails, Order Info, basic device details (including device, browser, location data and source/referral URLs), and browsing behavior on our site.

Who we share select information with: Shopify, Shipstation, Shipping Couriers, Meta (via Pixel/Conversions API), and trusted 3rd Party Shopify App-Makers*

*We only share info with App-Makers to complete orders, offer services (like wishlists), or troubleshoot issues. 

We don't sell your information, and Viridian never directly collects financial details.

Contact Us

Common Shipment Issues

"Delivered" status, but the package is nowhere to be found!

Packages can sometimes end up at the wrong address or sometimes get scanned before delivery. They often still arrive! Please give your package two full extra days from when it was "delivered" as it may still show up. (Oh, and don't forget to check with mailrooms, your roomies, and around side/screen doors). If it still hasn't shown up after 2 additional days, please reach out (, please make sure to put your VGS order number in the subject).

Tracking status: "On The Way, But Arriving Late"

USPS uses this status when your package is gonna be super late. It's been put on hold because the hub/depot it arrived at was short-staffed. The good news? Your package isn't lost, and it should still make its way to you. The not-so-good news? It might take up to a few weeks to continue its journey. We're super sorry this happened and really appreciate your patience in this situation.

Need it sooner? We get it. If you can't wait, consider ordering again and mark the late package "RTS" (return to sender) when it arrives. We'll refund that delayed package once it's back with us. It's a bit inconvenient to buy the item twice, but this way you'll get your package quickly, and we'll only cover the second shipping cost, not the items too.

International Orders & Tracking Issues (Non-US Tracking Issues)

USPS Tracking Info Not Updating?: If your tracking number starts with LV, GL, CY, or UM, it's probably because USPS handed off your package to GlobalPost. To track it, we recommend using GlobalPost's website:

GlobalPost Tracking Stuck?: Sometimes tracking takes a break after leaving the US as getting through customs and screening can take 1-3 weeks, depending on your country. So, hang tight!

Order Support

Still need help? No problem, we're here to help! 

Please email us:, Please include your VGS order number in the subject to ensure your email isn't marked spam by mistake. (ex. "VGS-1234 Order Support | Hasn't Arrived" would be ideal).
Note: It will usually take us about ~24 business hours to get back to you. 

Technical Issues

Website Bugs or Technical Issues

Catch something wrong with the website or otherwise have a technical problem? 
Please let us know:

Business & Partnership Requests

Looking for Wholesale Accounts?

Because of our low margin prices, and direct to customer model, we do not offer wholesale accounts at this time, sorry! The one exception would be for our condition rings. If you're interested in carrying those, please reach out.

Business Collaborations

Got a business proposal for us? Send your inquiries to:


中国制造商?Please send a *full catalog* PDF, along with any MOQ's or other order requirements in a single email to: We appreciate when all/many items are shown/listed/visible, so that we can scan through for unique items or things we may want to add (and may not currently have access to). We also accept links to your website where the items are listed. 

Please understand: We get *a lot* of inquiries each week, to the point where it can become overwhelming and frustrating. We will respond if interested. Please do not reach out to us via other social media platforms, as those channels are for our customers.If you send an email, we will get it. Feel free to send a new catalog every ~6 months or so if you have new items and haven't heard from us. 

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