What is Viridian Dice? 🎲 An online dice and D&D accessory shop.
What kind(s) of dice? We have over 1,000 unique dice sets ranging from plastic and metal sets to exotic materials like silicone, wood, gemstone and more 🎲

Where are you located? 🍊 Syracuse, NY 🍊

Where do you ship to? Everywhere 🌎🌚

Are you related to Voltage Video GamesYES! We are their sister company

Does Viridian have a physical location? Nope! We are an online-only shop.

Are your dice prices any good? YES! Just like Voltage⚡, we pride ourselves on aggressive pricing and would love your support/word of mouth! Take a look!

Will I get my dice fast since you are nearby? So fast (~2 Business days for CNY).

Our RGC 2023 Exclusive Dice Set

This "Retroboy" set of (7) is exclusively available from both RGC and Viridian’s booths, and online from Viridian. Designed by Danny Tripodi  of RGC and Mike Saltzman of Viridian.

Our Human Team, and Tux


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🎲 Fund Tux's Snackies... With Dice! 🎲

Thanks to the whole RetroGameCon 2023 team for allowing us to advertise at the convention and make a super cool set of convention dice.