Viridian Manufacturing

Manufacturing in: United States (Syracuse, NY and Pittsfield, MA)

What we manufacture: condition rings, initiative trackers and a few other items. See them here.

Any items marked "Viridian Exclusive" is either made by us (3D printing on-site in Syracuse NY) or Injection Molding by Hi-Tech Mold & Tool in Pittsfield MA. Except for exclusive dice, which are made for us by one of our other vendors (seen below). More about us

Our Vendors

Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of metal and specialty acrylic dice. 

Manufacturing in: Germany (primarily), Denmark, Italy, UK, Mexico, USA

Supplier of a wide range of acrylic dice and board game supplies, In operation since 1987.

HengDa (HD)
Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of large variety of acrylic dice. 

Q Workshop
Manufacturing in: Poland

Supplier of acrylic, metal, licensed and 'unusual' dice. 

Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of acrylic, resin, gemstone and metal dice.

Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of a large variety of resin, wood, acrylic and metal dice as well as dice accessories.

Are you a vendor whose interested in working with us? Shoot us an email ( with a catalog and any relevant information/pricing/terms.